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I saw this at the movies yesterday (so it’s from 2017) and in English. And I’ve read the German translation of the whole comic series twice, albeit quite some time ago.

The movie at Wikipedia and IMDB.

Not-A-Review in One Sentence

Style over substance, but still worth watching.

Not-A-Review in a Haiku

A space city full of wondrous and beautiful aliens

A conflict between love and trust, duty and what’s right

The elements do not mesh

(Yes, it’s not the 5-7-5 scheme. But that’s not the only definition of a haiku.)

Three Thoughts on Diversity

Too white. Too male. Too human. Yes, even with all the aliens on screen, it all never felt alien.

A Thought on Character & Plot

Well, really just characters. The plot was fine, but not barely held up by the characters.

The two protagonist have too little chemistry to make the whole love thing believable. And because we get no backstory to their relationship, it’s hard to grok where the whole “Will you marry me?” thing comes from and how Laureline should react.

But what miffed me most is that one of the key decisions at the end hinges on the character of Valerian being “a soldier who follows orders”. A trait that really you don’t get to experience up until that point. At all.

A Thought on “What Differences & Similarities Between the Comics and the Movie Did I Spot?”

  • The main characters (especially Laureline) and their relationship are much more interesting and complex in the comics.
  • Oh, and in the comics, they are partners, friends, even lovers. Much marriage never comes up. And the comics are a lot older than the movie. Why has marriage suddenly to play a role in the future?
  • Valerian and Laureline are spatio-temporal agents in the comics while I don’t remember time-travel being mentioned in the movie.
  • The comics are called Valerian and Laureline, the movie just Valerian.
  • Alpha is called Point Central in the the comics.
  • I remember the comics feeling less human-centric.
  • Quite a lot of design was lifted from the comics – from some of the aliens to the ship of our two protagonists.
  • There were to 5th Element aliens in the comics.
  • In the comics, Valerian is much about following orders and being by the book – and it is actually shown, not just told in one sentence when the plots necessitates it.

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