Spaceballs is from 1987. I watched the German dub when it came out.
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Not-A-Review In One Sentence

Very slow paced, odd (non-)comical timing, mildly funny.

Not-A-Review in a Haiku

Movie, snail-like
Acting, wooden-like
Audience, constantly using second-screen

A Thought on my American Comedy & Me. Or: Did I Miss a Funny Thing?

Certain US films, like Spaceballs and Death Race 2000 just don’t click with me. I think it happens when the comedy is not rooted in characters, relationships and plots. And, yes, I probably laughed when I saw the movie first. But most of the gags just are one-timers, if that.

Interestingly, German movies of the same style as Spaceballs like (T)Raumschiff Surprise are much funnier to me. Well, maybe not much, but funnier. So maybe there are some subtle cultural differences at work?

Or maybe it’s Mel Brooke’s style that doesn’t agree with me. I find most of this movies not that funny.

But it’s probably just me, quite a few of my friends found Spaceballs hilarious. And it is immensely quotable at least.

Things that brought at least a smile on my face:

  • The smirk on the face of Commanderette Zircon when she closes the connection to President Skroob’s bathroom.
  • “Ready the ship for metamorphosis.” “Ready, Kafka?”
  • “No unauthorized or authorized personnel permitted.”
  • Spaceballs, the Shaving Cream
  • Lone Starr holding Lord Dark Helmet at arm’s length while he’s trying to kill Lone Starr.
  • Because of current affairs: “I don’t know what do do. I can’t make decisions. I’m a president.”
  • The Millennium Falcon parked at the space diner.
  • The dancing Alien.
  • Skid marks in space.
  • The second wedding ceremony. (Which makes it the only complete scene I found funny.)

A Thought on Character & Plot

What plot? What characters? Okay, they’re technically there, but really not worth mentioning. It’s all very clunky, from the acting to the story beats. When princess Vespa’s hair is shot, for example, the reaction takes such a long time that it stops being funny. It just doesn’t seem like a natural reaction of the character this way.

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