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This is about the orignal 1975 version. It was my first time watching it, although I had seen the 2008 remake with Jason Statham. The movie on Wikipedia and IMDB.

Not-A-Review In One Sentence

Left me cold, apart from a slight feeling of nausea.

Not-A-Review in a Haiku

A nation in shambles
An audience enthralled
Senseless violence

A Thought on my Reaction

It really left me cold, apart from a bit of nausea because of the violence.
Which is interesting in itself. Because other movies I’ve watched have been technically much more violent (Aliens comes to mind), but as far as I remember, I’ve been more thrilled or shocked. But not nauseated. So maybe the film has its merits after all?

A Thought on Character & Plot

What plot? What characters? Okay, they’re technically there, but really not worth mentioning.
What brought a smile on my face was the live-action version of the famous painted tunnel entrance from the Road Runner cartoons.

A Thought on Familiar Faces

David Carradine and Sylvester Stallone were in it. Carradine arguably as the main character and Stallone as his rival. And when they got into fight, my reaction was “What a shite fight sequence, Rocky Balboa and Kwai Chang Caine can do better.”
But Wikipedia informs me that David Carradine had wrapped up Kung Fu at the time and that first Rocky movie was only released in 1976, one year later.

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