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I recently got diagnosed with sleep apnea and now got my mask to help me get restful sleep again. And shortly after that, I had a three-week vacation coming up (I’m in it now). Since I knew this was gonna be a staycation (money, sigh),; and to test my newly-re-found energy and clarity of mind, I decided to do something creative and fun: I’d watch one science-fiction film every day of my vacation and write a non-review. So I asked around on Twitter for recommendations and watched some Topxx lists on YouTube. The list below is the result. And yes, it contains more than 21 movies. Maybe I’ll skip some or can’t find some. I don’t know yet.

How is this gonna work?

After watching a movie, I’ll write down my thoughts on it. There is no fixed length or format or questions. But I’ll try to summarize my thoughts / feelings for each movie in one sentence and in a haiku.

If a film in the list has a link, I’ve already written about it. If not, then not.

Movie Name Released in Have I seen it before? Have I heard about it before?
2001 1968 Yes. German dub. Yes.
2010 1984 Yes. German dub
Can’t remember much.
5th Element 1997 Yes. In German and
in English
Arrival 2016 No Yes.
Barbarella 1968 Yes. In German, I think. Yes.
Bladerunner 1982 No. Yes, I’ve read the book in the German translation.
Brazil 1985 Yes, in German. Yes.
Casshern 2004 No. No.
Contact 1997 No. Yes. I’ve read the book in the German translation.
Dark City 1998 No. I don’t think so.
Dark Star 1974 Yes, in German. Yes.
Death Race 2000 1975 No. Not sure. I know I’ve seen the 2008 remake.
Ex Machina 2015 No. Yes.
Flash Gordon 1980 Yes. In German and in English. Yes.
Forbidden Planet 1956 Yes. Not sure about the language. Yes.
Galaxy Quest 1999 Yes. In German. Yes.
Ghost In The Shell 1995 Yes. In German and in English. Yes. I’ve seen all the Ghost in the Shell movies – animated and live-action.
Ginger Snaps 2000 No. No.
Gravity 2013 No. Yes.
 Jonny Mnemonic 1995 No. Yes.
K-PAX 2001 No. No.
Looper 2012 No. Yes.
Metropolis 1927 Bits and pieces. Yes. And I saw the anime not-remake from 2001.
Moon 2009 No. Yes.
Planet of the Apes 2001 No. Yes. And I’ve seen the original in German as a kid or young teenager.
Pontypool 2008 No. No.
Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 No. No.
Serenity 2005 Yes. In German and English. Yes. Seen Firefly. Read some of the comics. Read the novelization. Had the role-playing game.
Snowpiercer  2013 Yes. Yes.
Solaris 1972 I don’t think so. Yes. I might have read the novel or started to read it. Not sure.
Soylent Green 1973 Not sure. Maybe in German as a kid. Yes.
Spaceballs 1987 Yes. In German. Yes.
Stargate 1994 Yes. In German. Yes. And watched Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis.
Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Skynet Edition 1991 Yes. The theatrical in German. And maybe in English. Yes.
The Day The Earth Stood Still 1951 I think so. In German as a kid. Can’t remember much. Yes.
The Martian 2015 No. Yes. Read the German translation of the book.
They Live 1988  Yes. In German as a teenager. Yes.
Timecrimes 2007  No. No.
Tron 1982 Yes. In English and in German. Yes. Also seen the sequel and the animated series.
Valerian 2017  Yes. Yes. Read the German translation of the comics.

What do you think? Is there a movie missing from the list? Or one on there that does not belong? Let us know in the comments.

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