So, this is my, hm, fourth? attempt to start a blog. I know this does not seem to bode well, but with every try, I learned something new:

  • I am not someone who can easily separate work and private stuff. Or even my “mission” (we’ll come to that) from the private stuff. I am just one person, so why try? For that sake of some personal brand? Or to dominate a niche? Frak this marketing stuff!
  • The primary topic is important. And after everything that happened over the last years – near burn-out, my papa’s death, being diagnosed with depression (finally!), and learning how to deal with all that – Mental and Emotional Self-Defense seemed like a good fit. (See, I told you I was going to talk about my mission.)
  • I need to have some fun in the process. That’s why this has Gurus in Training (or GITs for short) in it. And Jiki-Do, The Way Of The Self. Jiki-Do is completely made up. Thanks to Kevin for helping me with the word. And apologies to everyone who knows Japanese and to the Japanese language.

I’ll be starting slowly. There’s a lot to configure here – from the security setting to how it will look on mobile devices to the design itself. But I did not want to wait to start writing.

So, dear Gurus in Training, see you in the future!

Yours truly,
Jens “Mr. Grok’n’Roll” Reineking

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