Jens Reineking

Business Writing & Business Theatre

Welcome to my Home on the Internet!

Hi, I’m Jens and I mainly do two things:

Business Writing


If you know or feel your business writing could be or should be different: more effective or just more human.

Looking at an existing Tone of Voice or creating a new one also falls under this heading. Often followed by things in the next section.

Training & Editing

Editing: If you need someone to take a second look at your texts to lift them to the next level.

Training: If you need someone to teach you how to lift your texts to the next level.

Writing & Translating

Probably what you expect: I write and translate texts for you. And a bit more.

Translation: I bring your texts from English into German (and vice versa, but translating into German is usually better.)

Transcreation: I recreate your text in German. Which is a bit different than a simple translation: I take your English text apart and re-create it from scratch in German. Which could also mean changing the structure or even the tone.

Business Theatre

Reboot your Brain | Conventions

Conventions bombard your participants’ brains with information. Sometimes to the point where they simply cannot take in any more.

Reboot your Brain is a short session of improv theatre games to recharge your participant’s minds.

No experience with improv theatre or special clothes needed. Just a space big enough to move around in.


Duration: 30 to 60 minutes
Group size: from 6 to 60 (between 15 and 30 works best)

Business Improv(e) | Teambuilding

I might be biased (okay, I am), but theatre might be the ultimate teambuilding activity. It fosters communication, creativity and people get to know each other very quickly.

Additionally, it does not discriminate against introverts or people with limited physical capabilities. And believe me, I am both. Everyone can have a place in theatre.

Format:  very free

Business Improv(e) can range from one day to a whole week; it can just be some exercises and fun; or we can create a little play – with or without performing it for an audience.